Where IS The Shenyang Institute?

Where is the Shenyang Institute?

It’s in the largest prison camp in the world…

…Red China, in other words!

And nothing goes on there, nothing gets in or out, with the authority of the fuhrer Xi.


I think we can stop calling him Adolf the Pooh!

He’s no figure of fun but a totalitarian dictator, as bad in his way as his spiritual predecessor, the debauched monster Mao….



….so when we read that the  ‘unmanned underwater vehicle ( UUV) found by fishermen and secured by Indonesian Navy soldiers…’was ‘labelled Shenyang Institute,’  it’s already clear where the story’s going!

It was a special platform designed to detect Non-Chinese submarines and record all ships operating in waters of Southeast Asia and the South China Sea.. ‘


Let’s be crystal clear.

Red China is a bloody menace…


China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan

…shamed as the power which unleashed that virus that has claimed how many lives so far

Beijing has been exposed for menacing most all its neighbours, guilty of piratical aggression…


Beijing Virus-Villains Menace Indonesia – “Our FishermenFeel Scared!” 

….even in the seas around the country I live in.

Red China has long engaged in colonial cruelties in Tibet…



…and dishonourably stomping the freedoms it guaranteed Hong Kong.

Oh, and BTW, the despotic Chinese Communist Party…


….also denies basic democratic rights to its own population.

I hope Indonesia draws the necessary conclusions from this latest affront.