Two Sides To Trump Story? Not From Oily At BBC!

Trust the BBC!




Trust the Tax-Funded Propaganda Channel to slant their every mention of Trump to fit their engrained leftist prejudice!

‘At what point do the Republicans call out this President?’



That was the ‘fair and balanced’ question put by UK Pravda’s Oily last night, at 11.20pm, Jakarta time.

Matthew ‘Oily’ Amwooly, did not, NB, ask whether or not  Republicans SHOULD ‘call out’ the President.

Instead, with his slimy, suave, urbane and typical BBC bigotry, which we’ve seen before…

Oily BBC Wally Colludes With Whining Ingrate Redskin! 

Image result for matthew amroliwala bbc

Matthew Amrolliwally, sorry,  Amroliwala

…he followed up with –

.‘How dangerous is this…?’

Not, NB, ‘is this dangerous?’

That would be an open question, not a demand to measure Donald Trump’s level of danger to democracy.

His guests were, BTW, a not-exactly-pro-Trump ‘Republican’ and an anti-Trump Democrat.

This vicious propaganda was topped up this morning when the Beelzebub Bias Cabal brought in one of their fave fanatical Trumpophobes, a creep named William Cohen…



….a ‘Republican,’ of course, to spew his rabid hostility at the very mention of the President’s name.

BBC neglected to mention that he had served in Bill Clinton’s Cabinet and was hired by, guess who, BBC, in 2016….

…as a ‘world affairs analyst’ and, in the same year, had endorsed Clinton’s wife against Trump!

And he endorsed Biden this year!

Some ‘Republican!’

The snarly man’s entitled to be turn his coat, but the BBC has no right to hide his past record.



The BBC will never report this story fairly, so I have dug out the OTHER side of the story.

British readers deserve to hear it.