Dateline’s 2021 Debut – A Racist, A Leftist, A Hackette…

BBC Dateline Editor Nick Guthrie must be the most disgustingly dedicated leftist in New Broadcasting House.


Over and over he’s ensured that his programme is overwhelmingly stacked against conservatives, left-liberals and downright rabid hate-freaks brought on repeatedly…


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….never once, for example, a pro-Trump American, despite assurances by the then Dateline compere to the contrary…

‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC

….and the first edition of 2021 confirms the pressing need for the left bigot’s dismissal.

Whose ugly mug did we see, leering out at us, but that of Yasmin Alibhi Brown…

Gambar terkait

BBC’s Ghastly Biased Guest – ‘Trump Is Itching For War!’ 

….that repulsive racist, and although the nasty baggage was not on her most virulent form, we heard more than enough from the bigoted old bag.

Her apparent concern for those tormented by the tyrant Adolf Xi…



…her admonitions were muted, designed not to identify the regime in Beijing for what is is – Red China, she weaseled, ‘needs to be held to account without being demonised!’

Asked where she’d like to be when the Chinese Virus abates to the point of people being free to travel?

“I would want to be in Canada, its leader appeals to me.”


Yes, well, Turdo would appeal to her, wouldn’t he?

In Turdistanada, Pretty Boy Weasels Once More 

Canada’s Enemy Within – Will Turdeau “Have To Look at The Root Causes?” 


Then we had Henry Chu, the leftist Californian…

….another regular, whining that ‘national sovereignty remains a shibboleth…’

( Chu loves that weird word – he’s used it before, when he ‘mocked those British folk with a taste for freedom, saying that ‘Brexit is a ‘shibboleth, a religious totem’ – there’s a sense that Britain is inflicting a blitz on itself,’ he brayed.’) 

…and getting in a jibe, comparing his ‘President-Elect’ unfavourably with a real President who has fiercely defended American sovereignty.

 ‘Biden’s planning a memorial event for covid victims.. Could we imagine that from Donald Trump?’

Perhaps a memorial event to all those murdered by the illegal aliens Biden fawns over might be at least as inspiring an idea…

Won’t Deport Rapists? Let’s Cut The ‘Biden’s Moderate’ Cr… 

….but Biden, like Obummer…

….cares naught about the crimmigrant plague.

Perhaps the weirdest moment was when the propaganda show’s compere, introducing Ulster as an aspect of Brexit, came out with this reference to the partition of the British Isles, the consequence of Sinn Fein/IRA separatism.

‘I suspect none of the politicians 100 years ago would have thought partition would last’
It is a matter of time before Ulster stays in or out 
( of the UK)


Drop dead, creep! 

Oh, and by coincidence, who served the BBC cause as third ‘guest?’

None other than Celia Hatton…..

UK Pravda Hackette Doesn’t Know WHAT’s Not True? 

…whom we noticed just days ago!

‘Donald Trump,’ she averred, ‘has made things so difficult’ with Red China!

Red China is a bloody menace, which unleashed the plague on the rest of us…


China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan

Beijing has been exposed for menacing most all its neighbours, guilty of piratical aggression…


Beijing Virus-Villains Menace Indonesia – “Our FishermenFeel Scared!

….and bullies and even makes war on peaceful neighbours, large and small, whilst engaged in colonial cruelties in Tibet…



…and busily devastating the freedoms it had guaranteed to Hong Kong.



BTW, the despotic Chinese Communist Party also denies basic democratic rights to its own people.

And Silly Celia thinks Donald Trump ‘has made things so difficult’ with China?