Jackboot Left In Demonisation Mode!

I don’t go in for online shopping, but if you do, time to disentangle yourself from Shopify….

Shopify pulls Donald Trump stores off its platform

….which is now apparently into witch-hunting.


Easy to fight back on that front!

You can delete all contact with Shopify if you dislike their blatantly partisan stance.


It’s much more predictable that we get to read of the flagrant jackboot approach deployed by the Big Media…


Obummer with his ideological catamite, Zuckwit


…Zuckwit’s Geekstapo having instituted an ‘indefinite’ ban on President Trump…


…with Dirty Dorsey, no doubt in consultation with his Red China doll…

….doing his inimitable imitation of a far-left lapdog.


But they don’t seriously pretend to be interested in journalism.

Simply withdraw and move onto the social media sites that don’t censor dissent.

But the Fake News has gone overboard!

Read this – use the link to read it all!. 

Wednesday was proof that how corporate media and Democrat politicians report and comment on acts of civil unrest depends upon who is engaged in the rioting. Six months ago The New York Times, which has been described as the national “newspaper of record,” made excuses for rioters who attempted to take over the federal courthouse….

Analysis: Media Have Hypocritical Double Standard on Trump vs BLM Protests
And when the lousy hacks tell us that the BLM racist movement has been unfairly disadvantaged…?
Read again what we said only yesterday, about how BLM violence has been rewarded.