As Simple As ABC – Oz Media Bias Rampant!

Australia used to be called The Lucky Country, but in terms of tax-funded media bias, it’s as unlucky as the UK, where BBC Bias is appalling.

I unwisely tuned into ABC just after 12 noon (Jakarta time) today, and the ‘news’ included one of the “public broadcaster’s” flunkeys, Matt Doran, a little dork inclined to chubbiness, talking about Big Tech censorship.


ABC reporter Matt Doran's hilarious tweet at teasers of his baby-face


Dorky Doran draws his salary from the public purse, but that certainly, clearly, does not make him feel obliged to present issues impartially. 

He first of all did the BBC thing, wittering about President Trump’s ‘unsubstantiated’ assertions about the recent flawed election…



…without mentioning that the US courts’ mostly, cravenly, refused to give the many distinguished plaintiffs any opportunity to present substantiating evidence.

Then he got onto the subject of Australian MPs whom his tax-funded bosses don’t like, in particular George Christensen, a good guy whose wise words we have heard before.


George Christensen


That man has upset ABC and the other Left elements in Oz by dissenting from their chosen narrative. Dorky Doran could have said so, but obviously was unlikely to admit to bias.

Or he could have said simply that Christensen posted or published controversial views.



Instead the bigoted little left hack used the most pejorative verbs his narrow mind could come up with.

The patriotic MP had been ‘peddling’ views, had been ‘jumping on the bandwagon,’ and had been ‘spouting’ opinions that don’t fit the ABC’s ideological hang-ups.

Pathetic, prejudiced abuse of ABC’s position, flagrant disregard of ABC’s duty to give Australians news without a partisan slant.

As I was tidying up my notes, the ‘news’ moved on, to let a rabid left American professor make the Media-Democrat case for banning Trump from public life, the pinko prof allowed to rant unchallenged by anyone who disagrees.

He was a rasping fanatic, who –  without substantiating evidence – accused Trump of ‘instigating’ the trouble, and unidentified persons in Washington DC of ‘killing’ people…

…when the most we know for sure is that it was an out-of-control police bullet that killed Ashli Babbitt, a patriotic Trump supporter.

ABC is a damned disgrace.

And has been for years.