UK Pravda Thinks Brits Are Credulous Mugs!

It’s not as if the BBC is a first offender.



We know their reporters, like that queer fellow Will Grant, see nothing wrong with reporting the ‘opinions’ of people living in the Communist dictatorship of Cuba…


….as if they are actual opinions, rather than what Cuban people feel safe in saying on camera when they know what the red regime’s stasi goons can and will do to them.

Kerry Flies In, As Castro Continues To Brutalise Cubans! 

Thus today when some other UK Pravda hack spouted the police state’s propaganda that

Havana’s Residents Are Unimpressed ‘

– had a youngish lady mouth off about how Trump’s new move against her oppressors was so terrible…

Viva Cuba Libre! Right On, Donald!

….well aware that she’d be on my tv screen  – BBC World News, 11am Jakarta time  – for me to hear and see…


If she’d said anything else, where would she find herself?


…and for the marxist secret police in Havana to hear and see!

The cruel devil Castro may be burning in Hell…


….but the imprisoned island is still under Communist misrule.