Broken News – BBC’s Biased Barbie Rants About Whirlwinds!

I don’t know if UK Pravda’s Barbara Plett Usher drinks or not but she often looks as if she has a hang-over.


From BJ to foreign correspondent: advice from a journalism alumna | School  of Journalism and Communication

Be that as it may, her voice was not slurred today, as she showed off her ability to match The Maitlis or Ugly Barnett in her level of bias.

Speaking from the USA, she was pretending to be oblivious to the impact of either the Chinese Virus or the savagery of the BLM racist riots.

She also forbore to mention the supine cowardice of numerous judges, including those on the Supreme Court…

…but lashed out with a purely partisan rant, that ‘the country is reaping the whirlwind of Donald Trump’s Presidency.’

Plett is trying to blame Trump.

She knows what that phrase means..



She is slanting her report, breaching her duty of objective reporting.

What’s happened, and is still happening, is not the USA reaping a Trump whirlwind…



…but is due to far-left incitement of mobs, agitators exploiting the deaths of undesirables, and of course years of insidious indoctrination of the young, turning them into cannon-fodder for the cultural marxists and racists of BLM.

It’s amazing no patriot people’s resistance occurred before last week!

Plett’s another leftist bigot who needs to be purged