Italy’s Witch-Hunt Trial – More Time And Money Wasted!

As I have said about other legal proceedings, justice delayed is justice not served, and in Italy this week, we have an example of a clearly blameless man, a national hero, in fact…..




….Matteo Salvini, hearing from a judge that he will have to wait till 20th March before he even finds out if he is to face charges or not for defending his country from the crimmigrant plague.

Spare A Thought For A Man On Trial For His Patriotism! 

We published THAT in October last year!

Many cases are no doubt being delayed because of the other plague, that sent by Red China to spread death and misery around the world, but surely it’s time for the ridiculous threat of prosecution to be dropped.


But Salvini is unbowed!

“I am totally at ease and proud of what I did…

“I am sorry only for the cost of the procedure that is being borne by Italian taxpayers and the magistrate’s time that I have wasted.”