A Patriot in Pembroke!.

We don’t hear much about UKIP these days, except in Wales, where their leader Neil Hamilton has been almost a lone voice speaking out against the crimmigrant infestation in Penally.

UKIP leader Neil Hamilton at Penally

Penally Parasites – Well Said, Mr. Hamilton! 

Now it seems he has acquired a useful ally, County Councillor Paul Dowson, who has just joined the party.

The media describe Mr. Dawson as ‘controversial,’ which, often as not these days, means he has a brain and uses it.


Cllr Dowson has made the choice, the party has said, following UKIP Wales announcing that it will fight the 2021 Senedd elections on a platform against the Senedd’s ‘Nation of Sanctuary,’ offering support for asylum seekers.


Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'COUNCILLOR JOINS UKIP Welsh Labour are letting Westminster off the hook for their consistent failure to control our borders. UKIP has the courage to deal with the tough issues that Senedd politicians want to ignore. If you care about your community, Wales and the UK then take action and join UKIP. PAUL DOWSON Pembrokeshire County Councillor'


UKIP Wales leader Neil Hamilton made the pledge yesterday, prior to Cllr Dowson’s announcement, citing the Penally asylum seekers camp as an “illegal migrant camp” for “bogus asylum-seekers”.

I wrote a lot last year about the dodgy inmates of that camp but have much else to write about…

…so I’m delighted to hear there’s a good local guy in the fight, especially if he’s been ‘previously been taken to task by Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford for his ‘deliberately inflammatory comments’ over that crimmigrant corral – alas, I can hardly say it’s a corral, can I, since the undesirables in residence are not under lock and key, despite any known vetting of their characters having been carried out. 

However, the local newspaper makes it even clearer that Councillor Dawson is a dashed fine chap. 

He was one of the few, if not the only, opponents of an absurd ‘decision to illuminate County Hall, Haverfordwest in support of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) campaign, in memory of George Floyd, and in solidarity with the protests his death sparked around the world…


It’s a disgrace that any such ‘solidarity’ with the racist BLM….

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…should be funded from the public purse.

Lucky UKIP, to recruit such a perceptive public figure!