Could Red Renzi Inadvertently Restore Salvini Sanity To Italy!

After noting yesterday the on-going persecution of Matteo Salvini…


Italy’s Witch-Hunt Trial – More Time And Money Wasted! 

…suddenly we have more news, with that ghastly man Red Renzi…


Remember his idiotic antics?.



….pulling his small party out of Cur Conte’s Coalition!

Early days yet, but if Conte is therefore forced to submit to a democratic election…

…which, as we heard on UK Pravda news at 9am, is very possible, then Salvini, in alliance with other patriots like Giorgia Meloni, has every chance of winning.

Italy so desperately needs patriots back in power, to deal with not only the traumatic impact of the Chinese Virus, but also the other plague, crimmigration….

Conte’s Cabal Imports More Migrant Menaces! 

In Italy, Insanity – Citizenship For Crimmigrant Brats? 

….on which, as we have seen, Conte’s cabal has completely betrayed the Italian people.

The opposition parties on the right, which are leading in the polls, called for immediate elections.

The leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, wrote on Twitter: “Italians are on their knees. The government is a shambles. Italy cannot lose more time, Conte resign. Elections now.”

BUT…there’s a clear and ever-present danger from that waste-of-space Europhiliac leftist..

Beware! The President Is No Friend To Democracy!

Gambar terkait

‘Europe is his absolute priority’

Viva Italia! Patriot Allies Face Down Europhiliac President! 

…the Italian president!

If no majority can be found, Mattarella could appoint a government of national unity, led by a technocrat — one name that’s been mentioned in the media is former European Central Bank President Mario Dragh.i…

— to steer the country through the economic and health crisis.

Italians must be ready to fight for their democratic rights!