‘All But Admitted?’ The Meddling Monarch Of the Brussels Empire!

So the ‘European Commission has ‘all-but admitted‘ that their Kaiserin Ursula von der Leyen was ‘wrong?’



But she runs the EUSSR – she can’t be wrong, can she?


The migration crisis is like the euro crisis because the solution is for member states to cede more power to the EU, Germany’s defence minister has said.   Germany: Refugee crisis is like euro crisis    


Questions arise!

Is this not akin to the ancient crime of lese majeste, an affront to the Divine Right principle that the monarch can do no wrong?

And what the HELL does ‘all but admitted’ mean.

What did the Kaiserin do?

Nothing much, just MEDDLING!



She has been caught out ‘helping a fellow centre-right politician in national elections in Croatia.’

Now get the weaselly words as the Euro-Commissars’ flunkey seeks to cover for their uppity intrusion. 

“The commission will clarify the practical modalities for the participation of its members in national election campaigns in guidelines,” her deputy, Maroš Šefčovič, said in a letter to the EU Ombudsman, published Thursday. Von der Leyen filmed a Croatian election-campaign video, using EU studios, in July..’

Like, uh, what’s to consider? ‘Participation’ in other countries’ elections is meddling.

It’s totally out of order.

If you’re Russian!


But if you are an EU Queen Bee, since when is meddling in other people’s, other nations’ internal politics, in Croatia or anywhere, not perfectly acceptable?


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…and before those examples?

That old bag Merkel has a notorious record of meddling

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…and we know that her comrade-commissars who run the Brussels Empire believe they too have a collective right to dictate the affairs of sovereign nations, not just within their ‘European Project,’ but in Third World countries, like Indonesia, last month, via the German Embassy….

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…and a few years ago, using David Cameron as their cat’s-paw!


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