Rutte The Rotter Likes It Both Ways!

We know the Dutch PM is a lousy left-groveller without respect for his country’s Christian cultural traditions….

Rotten Rutte’s Grovelling U-Turn!


…but now he has reached a new low…



….by ‘accepting responsibility’ for his rabid tax-bureaucrats who have ruined many lives by making wrongful demands on innocent citizens.

Rutte has resigned.

Quite correct, the honourable thing!



But then he didn’t.

He’s staying on till at least March.
There’s a general election then, so The Netherlands needs a government till that happens.
Hence it needs a PM.

But surely not the PM forced to quit over a reign of terror…

…conducted by his swinish civil servants.

A member of his party untainted by the scandal could take over for a couple of months.

But Rutte thinks he’s indispensible, simply the best…



….as he’s made clear in the past…

Rotten Rutte Targets Dutch Democracy! 

…so he won’t stand for that.
What an arrogant scumbag he is!