Bravo Guatemala! Another Alien Mob OTW? Not Quite!

Brits – or at least the government run by Jellyfish Johnson – seem powerless to stem the tide of illegal alien incursions across a Channel that’s several miles wide.

Americans have the much narrower Rio Grande between them and alien illegals, so need to be forewarned of the next batch of savages like those pictured below, whom we reported last year. .

And now they have been warned by that report in PJ Media….


By the BBC, no less, this morning (Jakarta time, 8-9am) with a fawning farce of a report by Gay Will Grant, their correspondent whom we’ve noticed before….

BBC’s Pro-Queer Hack Now Shrills Against Gitmo

Will Grant on Muck Rack

‘Gay’ Will Grant


…and whom we nailed for pro-crimmigrant bias some time ago…

Honduras Horde – BBC Hack Can’t ‘Present Any Evidence

Weaselly Will almost tearfully today reported how a horde of Honduras crimmigrants were surging northwards, slobbering at the prospect of battening onto the US tax-payers.

But then Guatemala’s border security stopped the rabble in its tracks.

Guatemala police fire tear gas, disperse US-bound migrant caravan

…Guatemala migration head Guillermo Diaz insisted Saturday the group “will not be able to pass” and urged the migrants to turn back. Anyone wishing to enter Guatemala would need legal travel documents and a negative COVID-19 test, he said in a video, and claimed to have intelligence information suggesting that members of organised crime gangs had infiltrated the migrant group.

Bravo, Guatemala!