Another Goon-Cop Shocker From Oz!

All praise to The Rebel – the only part of the Canadian media the lily-livered liberal Canadian Tory leader refuses to talk to!

This is a report from their Australian correspondent, whose work we have praised before…

Lock-Down Australia – Goon-Cops Amok Again! 

…and its exposure of police-state activity should be widely shared.

Oh, and please…

Donate to their “Fight the Fines” civil liberties project to help crowdfund lawyers for Australians who want to fight their outrageous COVID fines. 


Deejai Barker is a single mother that was out shopping with her two kids. She wasn’t wearing a mask at the time because she has a medical exemption.  

But that didn’t stop the police from following her out of the shopping centre, detaining her, and forcibly snatching her bag after she refused to show them her exemption. 

Deejai knew the law and didn’t let the cops intimidate her — she stood her ground. The frustrated cop then went off to call his sergeant. 

You won’t believe what happened next!

Watch what happened when Covid-cops tried to ARREST this mother
in Sydney today

Take note of how Deejai handled this situation, and make sure to share this video with your mates.  

Unfortunately, our COVID laws are making these types of interactions, more and more common…