Greene King, BLM Grovellers – Tell Them To Shove It!

I wrote about Greene King, whose beers I used to adore in Cambridgeshire, calling for protests a year or more ago…

Never Touch A Drop Of Greene King Again!

…but now I see the owners of that famed brewing company are hell-bent on grovelling to the racist BLM rabble.

Community groups are being notified ahead of an online poll shortly, so communities can pick from a list of suggestions for each of the four pubs….

While the pub name ‘Black Boy’ exists throughout the country, there is not a consensus on its origins and many of those consulted felt the name to be offensive and discriminatory.

Nick Mackenzie

Nick Mackenzie, Greene King CEO, said: “It is important to acknowledge our history but just as important to work proactively to eradicate racism in our society today.

 Tell this leering jackanapes where to shove his grovel!   –


Image may contain: ‎text that says '‎Greene King to rename four pubs with 'racist connotations' wTHE BLACKBOY MO 1 Hab اد The Black Boy pub in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk is to be rebranded along with pubs in Sudbury, Wirksworth and Shinfield. Greene King will then hold an online poll for the local communities to decide the pubs' new names. Three of the pubs in Suffolk and Berkshire share the name The Black Boy, whilst the Wirksworth site in Derbyshire IS called the Black's Head.‎'‎

Shamefully, the contempible creep who runs that pub is a willing collabo with this Un-British scheme.

…the proprietor of The Black Boy in Bury St Edmunds said he was happy to see the venue rebranded.

“Now is the right time to make this change and I look forward to the new name continuing to reflect the heritage and history of this pub which has been a part of Bury St Edmunds for hundreds of years,” Mark Eames said…


Here’s the email and phone number of The Black Boy if you wish to express disagreement with that pinko plonker.


The Black Boy pub Landlord Mark Eames is furious after thieves stole his charity collection pot. Pic

Indeed, he wants to hear from you! 

Contact us with comments, ideas or booking enquiries.

01284 752723


Otherwise, all I can suggest in the way of fightback is to track down the ‘online’ consultation – which I bet will exclude any option to retain the pubs’ existing names which the uppity whiners don’t like – and use whatever little bit of democracy may be offered by the arrogant rich rats who run Greene King.

Then boycott.

I know that’s asking a lot, but it’s a sacrifice I’d make, were I back there in Blighty.

Sometimes patriotism costs.