Minnesota Leads The Way – In Moronising The Young!

After noting how the left elites expect to change – a.k.a. subvert – the narratives of British history…

Mary Beard In BBC Pro-BLM Rant! And Steve McQueen? – No, Not The Film Star!.

…and with the imminent and, in millions of eyes, illegitimate inauguration of the Big-Tech/Media ‘President-Elect’ in the USA…

‘Unsubstantiated?’ BBC Hacks With Nelson’s Eyes! 

….and in the absence of any seriously conservative policies in Jellyfish Johnson’s UK Government, parents in both countries, and elsewhere, I suppose, should be closely monitoring what bad teachers…


Remove Threats To Young Minds – Good Idea From Indonesia 


….are getting away with in class-rooms.

I refer to the Minnesota Department of Education’s intention to pervert the state’s history curriculum, replacing actual history, like the two world wars, and the American Revolution…


…with cultural marxist lies about “systemic racism,”  how democracy has “excluded certain groups….”

…an “awareness” of “the LGBTQ+ community…..”



….and a load of BLM BS about how the disenfranchisement of freed blacks during Reconstruction connects to “persistent discrimination and inequity” today.”’


That kind of hogwash should be quashed…



…but it seems objections from decent people who want their children educated, not brain-washed, were swept aside by the ruling leftists.



What’s needed is ANOTHER American Revolution.

And a British Revolution might be no bad thing.