Priti! Own Up! ‘Asylum’ Rabble Are NOT ‘Just Like You And Me!’

Hardly surprising that ‘there was a public outcry from local residents at the demonstrations by the camp residents which took place on Wednesday and Thursday last week during the lockdown.’

The vile ingrates are ‘unhappy,’ so we read, with all the freebies they get from British tax-payers, ‘complaining about the poor food, lack of sanitation and being told to sleep six to a room during the pandemic.’


What the ungrateful swine need is a boot on the backside.

Instead it sounds like they are getting an even more expensive freebie, legal aid, via the legalice network…

Identify This Legalouse, “Scared,” But Heedless Of Migrants’ Many Victims! 

….whom we’ve noticed from time to time.

There’s a ‘law firm representing the group‘ and who’s paying for that”

NOT the ‘asylum’ parasites, you may rest assured.

But one of the legalice said something that needs to be heard and spread widely on the media – ‘a “serious incident will occur” unless urgent action is taken.’

Well, we can’t say we haven’t been warned.


“We Wanna Go To Europe To Cause Turmoil…” Says Poor Syrian ‘Refugee!’ 

The ‘urgent action’ that ought to be taken ought to comprise the prompt despatch of armed officers to the camp.

If they try a riot or an arson action- replay, shoot those causing mayhem.

Or at least a series of sound thrashings to teach the swine a lesson!

If they don’t like their gratis board and lodging, then they should sod off back to whence they came.



There’s been nothing but trouble and cover-ups…

…aided and abetted by the local council, the local cops, and the Home Office, whose shrill spokesbint famously insulted decent Brits by saying…


Deborah Chittenden, director of Borders, Immigration and Citizenship System at the Home Office. Picture: Youtube
Deborah Chittenden, director of Borders, Immigration and Citizenship System at the Home Office. 

Instead, 20 parasites have already been shifted.

Nobody’s saying to where, but who wants to bet they’ve been lodged in comfy hotel accommodation?

Urgent Memo From Uninvited ‘Asylumers’ In Their UK Hotels! 

Needless to say, the House of Commons is proving its worthlessness…


….the only MPs mentioned in the report being some LibDem woman named Wendy Chamberlain, who was NOT demanding the leeches be kicked out of the UK…


Lib Dems' election strategy on Brexit was 'not successful', new MP admits |  London Evening Standard | Evening Standard

Old Nag Chamberlain


…but rather about what plans there were to relocate the rest of the asylum seekers at Penally Camp to alternative accommodation.

Like somewhere suitable, in her constituency of East Fife. perhaps?


Or better still, to prison,. or at least somewhere under 24,7 armed guard.

…and one of Priti Patel’s Home Office Ministers, Chris Philp MP, who annoyed probably everyone, left or right, with a response comprising meaningless guff…


=Official portrait of Chris Philp MP crop 2.jpg

Philp in 2020

‘a rapid review had recommended that the Home Office conducts a ‘deep dive’ on its approach to initial accommodation during the coronavirus pandemic.’

Speak English, Twit, or Welsh, but skip the gobble-de-gook!

However, he showed a wee bit sense when he revealed some facts about the other parasite camp in Kent.

…he was “incredibly disappointed” to learn that the actions of some residents had contributed to the outbreak. “A number of individuals refused tests and have been either refusing to self-isolate or follow social distancing rules, despite repeated requests to do so and these being national guidelines to protect the NHS and save lives.


Don’t request! Order them, and if they disobey, knock them down off their pedestals of self-importance. They don’t like crowded rooms? So give ’em solitary till the deportation flights ready!



“These individuals could face enforcement action and are not only risking their own health but the health of staff looking after them and the communities who are accommodating them.”

Enforcement action? Like turning off their TV sets?

Yet the report goes on to say ‘Mr Philp’s response has caused anger among some‘ of the arrogant upstarts!

How dare they?