Vive La Flagrance! Clever Calais Cops Quell Uppity Illegals!

The Guardian’s silly headline warns us there’s going to be a lot of B-S to wade through…


‘Like torture’: Calais police accused of continued migrant rights abuses

…but it’s worth the effort!

According to figures from Human Rights Observers (HRO), a non-profit that monitors police evictions in northern France, there were 973 evictions in Calais in 2020 – nearly three a day, and more than double the 452 recorded in 2018. In December alone, 526 tents were seized and 41 arrests were made..”


Then we get some whiney bint named Isabella Anderson, ‘an HRO field coordinator.

“These constant evictions are part of a policy by the French government to wear down asylum seekers, to fatigue them and take away their hope. It’s like torture.”

Well, no, Big-Mouth!

it’s nothing like torture.

Torture is what Captain Robert Nairac suffered at the hands of Sinn Fein/IRA…


Body of Captain Robert Nairac may have been found

Tortured to death by Irish Republican scum – Captain Robert Nairac

…and is a word that should never be applied to a bunch of no-goods getting shifted from their squats.

What the admirable French police are doing is a small but useful reminder to these swaggering undesirable aliens that they can’t park their sorry asses wherever they like in somebody else’s land, in somebody else’s country!

Reported cases of police violence have included minors being teargassed, a tent with a refugee inside being dragged by a tractor and an Eritrean shot in the face with a rubber bullet from 10 metres, hospitalising him for two months.

Well, boo-damn-hoo! I weep for the poor French tax-payers saddled with the hospital bills.

The clever aspect is that these excelent police actions are carried out on a rolling 48-hour schedule to prevent refugees acquiring limited rights and the police requiring a court order to clear the land.

Incredibly, the parasites interviewd by the Guardian make no secret of the fact that they are not refugees at all, because, having reached France, through however many countries, they have never applied for ‘asylum’ but only want illegally to cross to ‘soft touch’ Britain.



One mangy Sudanese skunk named Abdul not only says that ‘in Sudan there is war, people are killed, women are raped. But in some ways, it is better than here.”

So death and rape are contrasted to legitimate evictions?

Another arrogant upstart, Nasser*, an Afghan refugee who turned 18 in December, gets very uptight because the police are diligent despite bad weather!



You would think maybe if it rains they would not come, but they do. They even came on New Year’s when everyone was happy and it was a holiday. They take our stuff and we have to be outside for many hours – sometimes 10 to 12 hours. They don’t care if I’m a minor.”

What an insolent lout, fully-grown, old enough to serve in many countries’ armed forces, and the slug whines that he’s a ‘minor!’ 

Oh, and my headline is not a misprint for ‘fragrance!’

Most evictions are carried out using “flagrance”, a measure which allows police to remove occupants of private land if there has been a complaint and they have been there for less than 48 hours.

NB – ‘Private land!’

So finally the Guardian acknowledges it’s private property that’s being abused by the odious aliens. Although it would be just as bad if it were public property, owned by the French people, not by illegal aliens.

But listen to another moaning NGO Minnie, or Margot, whose agitprop outfit seems even to provide musical backing….

Concert à L’INTERNATIONAL pour le soutien de l’association La Cabane Juridique / Legal Shelter


….for wannabe nborder transgressors.


“It is a complete abuse of the system,” said Margot Sifre, who specialises in evictions for legal support charity Cabane Juridique. “Under normal circumstances, an eviction requires the authorisation of a judge, a social diagnosis to identify vulnerable people, and preparation to provide rehousing solutions. But under flagrance, which should be a short-term measure, there is no legal basis and no opportunity to appeal.”

As said already, clever cops!

Even a leftist lawyer admits their tactics are adroit.

Bastien Roland, a lawyer working in Calais, said the tactics were “deliberately vague and difficult to contest”. He added: “The government spends millions of euros to slow these refugees down. They will still try to cross to England, but with how many traumas?”


With enough ‘traumas’ round their necks, will they sink?

Better news too for the long-suffering French townspeople in the area, because alien layabouts infesting Calais could be getting an overdue boot too.

About 150 people now sleep under bridges in Calais city centre, where charities are banned from distributing food, but on 24 December an order for eviction was granted by the administrative court of Lille, which is expected to take place imminently.

Last word to “Mohammed”( I use inverted commas because, as with the other crimmigrants named above, the Guardian’s collabo reporter admits he’s hiding their real identities!)


He’s an Algerian currently sleeping under the Mollien Bridge.

“Their strategy is to weaken us. But if everything was fine in our countries, we wouldn’t have left. We don’t have the choice.”

Have you seen the unrest in Algeria? It’s arguably less violent than some of the scenes we have witnessed in European or American cities.

Unpleasant, but no excuse for crimmigrant incursions to other lands.

Is France, or the UK, expected to take in all the thousands of dissastisfied denizens of the casbahs there?

Of course there’s a choice. 


Stop leeching on the French public purse, give up the quest to violate British borders.