Even Sport Leans Left On Oz Bias Channel!



I don’t watch sports a lot, though if Glasgow Rangers pop up on the screen, I’d sit down, reverentially, to cheer them on.

Hence it was mere chance today, on only my third black coffee….


…that I stumbled on a programme called ‘Offsiders’ on Australia’s tax-funded propaganda channel.



Ostensibly aimed at Aussie sports fans, it soon became obvious that ABC had stacked the panel with a majority of pinko creeps, as seen below, one of the most obnoxious being a grimnasty named Gideon Haigh…



….who availed himself of the opportunity to insult Prime Minister Scott Morrison as ‘cynical and self-serving’ simply because Scomo had denounced Cricket Australia’s anti-patriotic erasure of Australia Day….




….from all promotional material relating to their Australia Day event!

Cricket Australia deserves contempt, of course, for pandering to cultural marxists and Aboriginal BLM-wannabes…


Liberal National MP slammed over 'racist' and 'grubby' Facebook post about Australia  Day – T-Gate

…but so must ABC, for inviting this snarly ranter Haigh into their studio.

The nasty berk went quickly onto the offensive again, sneering at the Oz Day honour due to be awarded to Margaret Court…

Victoria’s Awful Andrews Rants At A Christian Old Lady. 

…which Horrid Haigh, a leftwing troll if ever there was, demeaned as ‘rightwing trolling,’ whatever that might mean!

Had ABC even a miniscule concept of fair play, it might have ensured that at least one guest with a dissenting point of view was on the scene…


…but ‘fair and balanced’ is not ABC’s motto.

Instead we had some bint in tight jeans, that Catherine Murphy seen above, yammering about how Cricket Australia had ‘stood firm’ in its sleazy betrayal of national pride.


Stood firm in its PC jackboots!

The oily-looking younger fellow, holding a yellow melon, in the photo above, wittered along leftwards too, about how the appeasement of the whine lobby was ‘one step’ towards making sport ‘inclusive!

If people want to be ‘included’ then they should join in celebration of Australia Day!




The only one who didn’t get his or her pink knickers (figuratively) in a twist was that geezer Andrew Gaze, but neither did he dissent from the collective cacophony.

We’ll return to this on 26th January, no doubt, but meantime…

What do my loyal readership in Oz think about this ‘Offsiders’ turgid tripe-fest?