Witch-Hunt In Ohio – Fight The Left Bullies!

I have no idea how many readers we have in Ohio, but there’s no reason other people in other places can’t join in this fightback organised by Mission America.

School teachers used to be respected members of their communities, but those days are long gone..

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One Boy’s Fight-Back Against Red Vermin Teachers

….as we have shown you, with examples from various parts of the world.


Ohio School Board Member Pressured to Resign

Clear viewpoint discrimination


How about some unity and justice for other viewpoints? It’s another smear campaign for people who just wanted to express their views in Washington.

Ohio Board of Education member Kirsten Hill from the Lorain area organized a bus trip to the January 6 rally. Just as with hundreds of thousands of others who peacefully attended, there is no evidence tying her to the violence implemented by a handful of people at the Capitol.

If only Democrats and their supporters (like the teachers’ unions) were as outraged by the violence of elements on the left, and the bodily harm, deaths and billion of dollars of destruction caused by them during the past year. No, instead, top Democrats are raising money for bail and getting charges dropped for members of Antifa and the violent elements of BLM.

No such mercy greets those who attended a rally peacefully.

But a smear campaign is an easy way to gain power.

Let’s not let it happen…

Sounds good to me! Red teachers are the ones who need to be rooted out…



….not patriotic school-board members like Kirsten Hill!


ACTION– Contact Ohio State Board of Education president Laura Kohler, HERE.

Let’s stand up for Kirsten Hill and these unfair attacks.


And you can get more info on the Mission for America’s website –

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