BBC Matches Oz Bias Channel’s Imbalance!

This morning, about 8am Jakarta time, a bulky Beeb-Bint named Freya – I didn’t catch her surname and I can’t be bothered to pore over UK Pravda’s website – took a look at tomorrow’s Australia Day…

…and OF COURSE the BBC World News travesty gave equal time to both sides of the debate on the popular national holiday.

Just like ABC?

.Impartial coverage!


That’ll be right!

A brief video clip of Prime Minister Scott Morrison…



….supporting the commemoration of the first landing by British vessels, which began the transformation of a vast and undeveloped land…



…Into the advanced, civilised, modern country it’s always a joy to visit.

A very brief video clip!

And after Scomo?

A fawning interview, at least twice as long as was allotted to the democratically elected PM, with an Aborigine nonentity, a whineress named Oni.

No need to catalogue the moans and groans emitted by the Aborigine and unchallenged by bulky Freya…


….but was Orrible Oni’s introduction of the idea of a ‘War Crimes’ commission some new nonsense, or was she just in repeat-grievance mode.

Just letting you know how BBC imbalance was on display again.