Infantile Oz Goon-Cop Strikes Again!

With reference to the report a week or so ago…

Another Goon-Cop Shocker From Oz! 

…about the single mum victimised in NSW, here’s an appalling update on the inability of certain bozo coppers in Oz…

….to behave with even a modicum of common decency.

Good on The Rebel’s Australian correspondent.

Last week I showed you a video of DJ Barker, a single mother from New South Wales who was wrongly arrested and searched by police in front of her young children, for not wearing a mask.

That officer eventually apologised to DJ when he phoned his superiors, and they told him that DJ had done nothing wrong. Under the law, no-one has to prove they are exempt. It was the cop who broke the law.

Well after that video went viral, that same cop and his partner tracked DJ down at her home — and slapped her with a $500 fine. Even though they had already admitted, she had done nothing wrong.

So much for apologising. This was about revenge for making the lockdown police look foolish.

Luckily, DJ had the good sense to film both interactions on her cell phone. Take a look:

EXCLUSIVE: Police get REVENGE after mother's arrest goes viral

There are so many things wrong with this:

The police still don’t know the law — but they’re enforcing it brutally anyways.

They tracked her down at her ex’s home — an obvious attempt to intimidate her.

The police weren’t wearing masks themselves — which shows this isn’t really about health; it’s about control.

And they had already apologised to her — but clearly, they didn’t mean a word of it.

This has to stop, which is why we’ve hired a top lawyer to help DJ fight back. Mani Shishineh has already won a crucial case for our Fight The Fines project in Sydney. He’s the perfect lawyer to help DJ fight back, too.

If you’re like me, you watch the news, and you sometimes feel helpless. What can you actually do to make a difference?

I think that our project to crowdfund lawyers for people like DJ is something constructive and something achievable. And I know this because we’ve already had success with other cases.

If you want to do something positive, help us crowdfund the legal bill for DJ, and show these lockdown police that although they might feel pretty tough staring down a single mother, DJ isn’t alone — she’s got all of us on her side.

If you agree, please click here, or go to and help us crowdfund some justice.