‘Nothing Wrong’ With ‘Woke,’ Bojo? Get Real -It’s Sick And Subversive!

Not that many people without an empty space between their ears ever truly trusted Johnson…


But NOW he’s said what he thinks!


He sees ‘nothing wrong with being woke.’



‘Woke’ is the word which was conjured up to encompass all the sick subversive cultural marxist evils perpetrated on Western society.

Or try Wikipedia for a not unsympathetic definition or two!

…a “single-word summation of leftist political ideology, centered on social justice politics and critical race theory…”


NOT anything to which patriotic conservatives would want to get nearer than a country mile!

Johnson’s spokesman was forced to field a string of questions about whether Johnson is “woke”, after the shadow foreign secretary, Lisa Nandy, described Biden as a “woke guy,” referring to his support for Black Lives Matter and trans rights.

BLM and the Freak Show? Two foul phenomena!

Asked about her comments on Wednesday, Johnson appeared uncomfortable, before remarking that there was, “nothing wrong with being woke”.


Nobody who calls him-or-herself conservative should be surprised, but sadly some will be, those who manage to dupe themselves ( wishful thinking, forgivable but foolish!) despite all evidence to the contrary –

…. his afore-mentioned appeasement of the BLM racist whiners…

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…his failure to stop crimmigration….

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….his refusal to play fair by people victimised by the gaystapo….

Fact is – Johnson is a jellyfish.

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And never forget his cowardly retreat from that ‘die in a ditch’ false pledge…



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