Portugal At Last Awakes!

No doubt mournfully, the fanatically pro-crimmigrant and Europhiliac EUObserver reports that the excellent patriot party leader, Andre Ventura rolled up over half- a-million voted in Portugal’s presidential election yesterday.

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Chega means ‘Enough!’

And while not enough voters have wokenup to what’s ruining their country, it’s a damned good start,

A good result, and even more impressive when we see that in 2019’s legislative elections, Chega got a mere 1.3 percent…

….whereas on Sunday that soared to 11.9%, a mere percentage point behind the opposition Socialist candidate.

Senhor Ventura has a lot to be proud of, and said so.

 “For the first time an openly anti-system party has disrupted the traditional right, with nearly half a million votes!”

The ‘traditional right’ referred to is no more ‘right’ than Jellyfish Johnson…

….and while their candidate won more than 60% percent of votes cast, Chega has every reason to be confident, as more and more people are disgusted by what the in-crowd political clique are doing to their country, both in respect of resisting incursions…



Prime Minister António Costa…when asked whether recent landings in the Algarve should be seen as “a time bomb” for Portugal –

“We have not been touched now”, said the Prime Minister…this is not a national problem, contrary to what Mr André Ventura thinks, it is a problem for the whole of the European Union and one to which we must respond in solidarity”. https://www.theportugalnews.com/news/costa-refuses-national-approach-to-migration-time-bomb/55969

We know what that means!

In other words, follow the EUSSR diktat, which won’t send undesirables back but spreads them across the continent, to settle where they’re not wanted!


…and of dealing with those already within.

The Portuguese Council of Ministers has decided to temporarily grant all migrants and asylum seekers currently in the country full citizenship rights.


Some Ministry of Internal Affairs bint named Claudia Veloso, declared a typical slack-brained leftist justification for the act of madness.

In these exceptional times, the rights of migrants must be guaranteed.”


Unbelievable, yeah?

When, like every nation in Europe, the people of Portugal are up against it, their ‘leaders’ devalue their citizenship, pandering to the horde of undesirable aliens in ever more crimmigrant-infested Lisbon.


Viva Chega!