Lucky Australia, As Left Hack O’Brien Spurns ‘Honour!’

Many non-Australians must have echoed my response, ‘Kerry Who?’ when we read about that pinko creep who turned down an Oz Day honour…


Kerry O’Brien

Kerry O’Brien


….because another Australian, an elderly Christian lady…

Victoria’s Awful Andrews Rants At A Christian Old Lady

..much-loved by decent people but loathed by scum, who actually deserves recognition for achievement, was due also to be honoured.

He whined that her expression of decent folks’ disapproval of homo-weddings…

…was  “repugnant to many Australians”.

But a blessed cause for cheer among many others, undoubtedly.

Prick Up Your Ears When You Hear ‘Divisive!’ 


So I refreshed my memory.

You need to read the whole wiki entry  –’Brien_(journalist)

– to get the measure of the mouthy man who is so keen on queers.

He actually was hired to work for a Labor PM, and has oozed adoration for every left idol, from the card-carrying marxist Mandela…




…to the racist Obama.

He was wisely distrusted by good leaders, from Maggie Thatcher…



….to Australia’s John Howard.

Of the 1996 prime ministerial Election debates, Howard wrote: “I flatly refused to have Kerry O’Brien of the ABC [moderate the debates] because of the way he had handled the second KeatingHewson debate in 1993″ (in which, Howard wrote, O’Brien “went in to bat” for Keating).[21]

Yes, of course O’Brien has a long record of diligent service with the tax-funded bias channel, the unspeakable ABC…

Aaah, but he has lots of awards for his ‘journalism,’ object the lefties.

Sure, and who decides who gets awarded such trophies!?



So I’d say the Order of Australia is lucky not to have Creepy Kerry among its ranks.

Besides, he’s not exactly alone and palely loitering. 

He could form a new, non-state, order…


‘Fraternity of Freakos,’ could it be called?

…with transgender GP Clara Tuck Meng Soo, who is, unsurprisingly, another refusenik.