Petition – Stop Fake-Tory Witch-Hunt Against A Real Canadian Conservative!

Remember this good guy?


Derek Sloan - Wikipedia

Don’t Think Canada’s A Lost Cause… Suddenly It’s Sloan! 

Just when you think Canada is a lost cause….

…a voice of reason is heard!


Sloan accuses Liberals of ‘effectively putting into law child abuse’ with conversion therapy bill

Canada’s Fake ‘Conservatives’ Witch-Hunt Their Honest MP 

The fake-tories in Ottawa have been after his blood for a long time, but now that pliant tool of the left media, O’Toole, is putting the boot in.

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Former Conservative Party leadership candidate, Derek Sloan, was just thrown out of the Conservative caucus by avowed anti-cancel culture leader Erin O’Toole.

His crime? Unknowingly accepting a trivial donation from a generally unknown extremist who (get this) used an alias to contribute.

To make this circus even more embarrassing for the Official Opposition, the Conservative Party siphoned off 10% of this donation to fill their coffers – but don’t bother asking O’Toole about that, Derek Sloan is the evil social conservative on trial here!

Following the passing of Michael Chong’s Reform Act, only the parliamentary caucus has the authority to eject one of their own – the leader can’t do it unilaterally.

While O’Toole might be a lost cause, perhaps his caucus isn’t quite on board with his secret cancel culture addiction. That’s why we have issued this petition that will be sent to the Conservative Party headquarters and maybe even broken down riding by riding and sent to the respective personal inboxes of each Conservative Party MP.

If you have the added misfortune of being represented by a Liberal, NDP or any other MP, we will make sure your name lands on O’Toole’s desk itself.

SIGN the petition if you’d like to remind Erin O’Toole that he was given the privilege to lead the Conservative Party on a platform to stand against cancel culture, not for it.