Ga Bisa? Omong Kosong! Ada Malaikat Di Telkom Hub!

I see commenters are seeking news of my quest for communications justice, which I announced on Monday morning…

Kenapa Telkomsel Grapari Ga Punya Manajer2? Hati2, Ya? 

….but due to a rare visitor arriving at my home I did not undertake till yesterday.

My TransJakarta bus journey took me to the very road in downtown’s posh Kuningan district, and a short walk from the Halte Busway brought me to the gates of my destination.



Having passed by en route for elsewhere in the past, I knew there was a might tower at Telkom Hub, but the extent of their compound was something of a surprise.



It reminded me of the sprawling Carcassonne in France, visited with my offspring in olden times, when one could travel!

However, unlike that mediaeval site, the four main buildings are modern, shiny edifices..

So to the first building.

The conversations were all in Indonesian.

No mister, go to that one.’


In the second building, I explained to the pretty reception gal that I wanted to discuss the shortcomings of their Grapari staff at Central Park…



…so I wasn’t seeking another Grapari audience, but rather somebody in mid-management, who monitors performance, perhaps?

After all, my main concern was no longer the alleged inaccessibility of the number I’d bought and topped up, but the absurd claim…



….that Grapari offices function without any manager, superviser or any kind of boss present on the scene.

Sorry, mister – nobody will talk without a prearranged appointment. That first building is a better idea.’

’But they sent me here.’

’Sorry, mister.’

Back to the first building, where the security man very civilly explained that the people there work for Telkom, not Telkomsel.

Try the building behind the one you were just in.’

All this was not unexpected, so I maintained my equanimity and headed around to the third building.

’Sorry, mister, this building is for security only. Try over there.’

Like Shakespeare’s Shylock, I ‘bore it with a patient shrug’ though, unlike that guy in Venice, ‘sufferance’ is NOT ‘the badge of all my tribe.’ 

Everyone had heard my story, and indeed been not unsympathetic, though a little taken aback that I wanted to speak to a human being rather than an online entity.

But now I was down to one last building.  

As I approached, I saw it was, yes, you guessed right….


I almost turned round and went home…



…but did Horatius turn back before the ranks of Tuscany? 

‘No Surrender’ is the watchword of all MY tribe!

And lo, in minutes I was sitting opposite a veritable angel sent from Heaven to shore up the dying hopes of a desperate man.


She actually smiled as I sat down, listened carefully, asked intelligent questions and showed every interest in helping her customer!

She opened up the ancient Nokia, heard me out on the ‘management’ mystery, then told me that my number was not dead but merely sleeping.

I had pulsa aplenty, Rp.200,000, she said, but it seems I need to put in Rp.25k monthly.
I gave her that sum, and instantly it worked.

Now why couldn’t that wretched Graparina at Central Park have ….

A – known how to do her job.. 


B- done the job she’s paid to do.

Needless to say the feedback sms ( after I had thanked her profusely) which reached me from Telkomsel got five bright stars.

And I am sending an email of commendation too.

Now – as to management? I was given to understand that there are ‘team-leaders’ but they function rather like The Wizard of Oz.

One never comes face-to-face with the ‘Team-Leader!’

It’s all virtual!

If that’s so, then Telkomsel need to smarten up.

My angelic helper was great, but one swallow does not make summer.