‘Diversity’ Cabal Dictates UK Reporting? Expose Them!

Skipping one chunk of imbecility does not mean UK Pravda’s on the mend.

The fact that a complaint about Laura Kuenssberg using the phrase ‘nitty-gritty’ has been rejected by the BBC – after inordinately long-drawn-out brow-furrowing at the highest level – is no indication of a return to honest reporting by the BBC.


Only complete morons would find ‘nitty-gritty’ objectionable, morons or cultural marxists out to flex their malevolent muscles.

But it seems, from the Evening Standard report, that an obscure cabal of self-appointed far-left censors have placed ‘nitty-gritty’ out of bounds to hundreds of journalists…

That diktat was laid down last year, at a ‘diversity briefing’ when sports commentators not just with the BBC but also at Sky, BT Sport and ITV….


…were TOLD to use alternatives…

….such as “the basic facts” on the grounds that nitty-gritty is thought to have referred to the detritus found in the bottom of transatlantic slave ships

Two questions arise –

Did not one of those hacks on the receiving end of the leftist diktat have enough self-respect, never mind enough professional pride, to stand up and tell the stinking pinkos to sod off?



Were they really ALL too spineless to call out the creeps?

Oh, and the second question?

Have any of you ever heard such crass idiocy…


….as that ‘thought to have referred‘ excuse for censorship?


It was included on a list of phrases to be avoided by sports commentators at a diversity briefing…


…last summer.


But let’s not forget the third question, to which the Evening Standard reporter must have known the answer, yet declined to share it with all us readers?



WHO ARE THE SWINE, who ran that ‘diversity briefing!’



Okay, let’s make it four questions!