Hedge Funds Row- Reminds Me Of A Certain Convicted Crook!

I don’t have an pretensions to being an expert on stocks and shares, but this latest eruption of rage by small traders has upset ‘hedge fund’ money-grabbers…

Stocks vs Shares - 7 Best Differences (With Infographics)



…and that can’t be bad.


It’s also a good time to remind people who might otherwise forget…



….that perhaps the most notorious ‘hedge fund’ ratbag’s criminality is a matter of court record, despite his expensive endeavours to have his guilt erased……


France did not violate George Soros’ rights by convicting him in 2002 of insider trading for ordering his hedge fund to buy shares in Societe Generale after learning of a takeover bid planned for the bank

…so you’ll know who to cheer for.