Maybe There WON’T Always Be An England!

Does the death of a nation begin with the degradation of its national sport?

Soccer’s been subverted already, and now…

All professional cricketers in England to be given anti-racism training courses….

That’s the headline in the Telegraph.

The survey was sent to 600 players, but…

Only 173 of professional players replied to the survey which the PCA believes shows the level of work they still have to undertake to ensure cricketers realise the importance of anti-racism education…

What a load of rubbish!

What it ‘shows’ is that a large majority have no time for sticky-beaking. It means a large majority are not whining uptights with a chip on their shoulders!

It would have been far better if the vast majority of players had responded. Why they didn’t is very difficult to speculate,” said Charlie Mulraine, the PCA’s lead personal development manager.

Get real, Mulrane!

The ‘vast majority’ more than likely didn’t complete the stupid survey because they never imagined they’d be subjected to indoctrination on the basis of a minority of touchy tykes feeling hard done by….



…the sort that are dragging the country down.

So maybe Mulrane’s not that wrong. Maybe ‘it would have been better’ had everyone filled in the damn form – and told the nosey-parkers to get stuffed.



But would that have deterred the wannabe brainwashers?


They’d just have whined some more, as above, that opposition to their nonsense ‘shows the level of work they still have to undertake..’

This leftist re-programming is not going to stop, until, perhaps, enough patriots take action to put a stop to it.

A cultural revolution is required!



Otherwise, I fear Old England’s done for.



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