Eire Still Clings To Indefensible Expansionism!

HardTalk was on, earlier this week, and UK Pravda’s Sackur had a guest from the Emerald Isle, none other than the Eire government’s European Affairs minister, Thomas Byrne.

Thomas Byrne.jpg

Thomas Byrne


Much of the show was Byrne trying to defend the EUSSR’s handling of vaccines supplies and getting or not getting the promised supplies to member states.

But towards the end, we had a timely reminder of the atavistic imperialism engrained in Dublin’s political class.

Byrne said he wanted to ‘get some common projects started…to see how we can live in this shared island…

Well, that’s not unreasonable, is it?

Sovereign nations all over the world cooperate on matters of mutual interest.

But most of those nations do not see these common concerns as a bridgehead to bring their neighbours under an alien flag.


Byrne quickly dropped the mask of ‘good neighbour.’

‘I want unification. I make no bones about the fact that I want a United Ireland.’


How dare he echo Hitler’s rhetoric?


Or the pseudo-historical tripe spewed out by Red China when its storm-troops goose-stepped into Tibet?

Any suggestion that a small nation sharing a geographical area with a larger nation must therefore be deemed a part of the larger nation…

….and ‘united’ under that expansionist neighbour’s flag is an affront, not only to the 1975 Helsinki Treaty which affirmed all existing borders across Europe…

….but also to the established international principle of self-determination. The Ulster people would have every right to resist by force any move to make this imperialist ambition a reality.

If disloyals ever come close to a majority, re-partition backed by ammunition would be the only moral response.