Article 16? Time For UK To Use It!

How many of you knew about that hitherto obscure Article 16 which Kaiserin Ursula invoked, then ‘unvoked’ so quickly?



I didn’t.

But now it’s out in the open…

….like Hope escaping from Pandora’s Box, and here are a couple of reasons that Britain should make good use of it.

Eight days for carrots to get to Belfast with complex Brexit checks
A day at a frozen food transport firm in Northern Ireland exposes the obstacles to moving goods across the Irish Sea

Johnsons could continue to sell in Northern Ireland if it used concrete or plastic to keep plants from touching the soil but, says Jonathan Whittemore, the firm’s head of production, that would mean a “complete change” in its processes…

This is looney-tunes stuff.

Yet another opportunity for The Jellyfish to grow a backbone…



…and ACT, by means of Article 16, to restore sanity – and sovereignty! – throughout the United Kingdom.