Another Bid To Put A Spine Into Jellyfish Johnson?

We read that, quite rightly, a ‘powerful’ group of Conservative parliamentarians in Britain are ‘demanding’ an investigation why public money…

…raised by the national lottery, has been handed to the anti-British leftists who run the National Trust, despite rules which preclude such grants going to ‘political projects.’

Good on the ‘Common Sense’ Tories for speaking up, but If their party were led by something other than a  ‘woke’ weasel, there’d be no need for their intervention.



It’s no secret that the NT has been in the hands of the UK’s Enemy Within for years..




…and Jellyfish Johnson must have been fully aware that the NT ‘study’ gratuitously ‘besmirched British history’ to pander to the racist scum of the BLM movement..

Like much of these appeasement antics, including Jellyfish’s own immensely expensive appeasement ‘commission’…

Has Anyone Costed Bojo’s BLM Appeasement Commission

….the NT’s “Colonial Countryside” is both absurd and offensive, branding Churchill….


Chartwell in Kent’s links to colonialism have been highlighted in a trust report

…Wordsworth and Kipling as bad guys, with what the Times called a ‘mea culpa’ about places popular with normal British people.

The only fit and proper response should have been a complete and permanent cut-off of support.

But no action was taken, nor has been taken.


As usual, Johnson stands exposed as being a waste of space, or worse!