How The Hell Did Evaristo Ever Get A Writing Prize?

I paid almost no heed to that Booker Prize cr-p, mostly because the various winners seemed at best unimpressive, at worst obnoxious…

.UK Racism – ‘Black Public Figures’ Defending Savages 

….though I did take a side-swipe at them, coincidentally the one I’m now writing about.



I love books, but history and politics, not trendy gunk.

As for fiction?

Give me a Harlan Coben story, or one of Michael Connolly’s ‘Bosch’ yarns, or the action-packed but humorously crafted books of Robert Goddard.

But I was so appalled last month by the arrogance of that uppity bint with the hair that badly needs a lawn-mower…


She claims she’s ‘black?’  A couple of hours in the afternoon sunshine here and I’m darker than her!

….who shared a prize – she was beside herself with uptight fury…

The BBC has apologised for referring to Booker Prize joint-winner Bernardine Evaristo as “another author” without naming her directly. 

…because some hack referred to her as ‘another author,’ which I’d have thought is more than she deserves.

And I think even less of the Booker judges…



…after reading some of an article she wrote for the Guardian last week.

Here’s an extract –

Ghosts by Dolly Alderton is in conversation with Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones series and all the novels that were published in its wake, just as Ali Smith’s postmodern novels are descendants of Virginia Woolf’s modernist oeuvre

Good Grief!

Have you EVER read such pretentious gobble-de-gook?