Migrant Savages Amok – Yes, Again!

Is it not curious how some media take evil more seriously than others?

InfoMigrants, for example, a collaborative publication funded by the Brussels Empire…



….sourced by the infamous DW German propaganda machine…

….and by guess who, France24…

Financed by the EU, the project is a cooperation between Deutsche Welle, France Médias Monde and Italian news agency ANSA.

InfoMigrants Latein

Using EUSSR cash, involving DW and F24, two of the most biased pro-crimmigrant media in Europe? Handle InfoMigrants with care! Note the nice peaceful ‘migrants’ in the illustration – so unlike what we know of Italy’s torment at ‘migrant’ hands

…reported in as low-key a manner as possible the latest amok-run by the notorious migrant rabble in Bosnia.

Two police officers and an IOM employee suffered minor injuries in clashes at the Blazuj migrant reception center near Sarajevo on Wednesday….

“During the intervention, migrants attacked police officers and damaged several police and International Organization for Migration (IOM) cars, as well as IOM offices,” police spokesperson Mirza Hadziabdic told the news agency AFP.

Hadziabdic confirmed that two police officers and an IOM employee were slightly injured, and that the property damaged in the clash included computers and other equipment.

Incredibly, ‘it was not immediately clear if anyone was arrested…’.

However, somebody with InfoMigrants must have a conscience.



After the softly-softly intro above, the real story followed!

In Bosnian media, the incident was described as a major clash. The news platform Klix.ba published images of smashed cars and reported that police brought in members of special units with dogs. According to Klix.ba, around 2,000 migrants clashed with police and threw stones.

And InfoMigrants also included another useful piece of information, again attributing it to Klix.ba, which has apparently done some real investigative journalism and found that the crimmigrant violence was not just another manifestation…


….of the characteristics most smart people now associate with ‘asylum’ parasites.

It turns out that six persons involved in the scuffles had received deportation orders from the foreigners’ office and local authorities in the Sarajevo Canton. One Iranian national reportedly also received an an entry ban of three years and is due to be deported


As we often say…


…and add the 2000 riotous aliens to the deportation list!