One Good Estonian, Another…Not So Much!

If only Jaak Madison were Estonia’s new Prime Minister!

He’s the MEP who has just nominated Donald Trump for that Nobel Peace Prize we wrote about at the weekend.


Jaak Madison MEP calls out Iran's human rights abuses in webinar on October  7, 2020 - YouTube


It’s honestly such a tainted prize, after some of the worthless jerks who have recently been chosen by the equally worthless judges, that I doubt The Donald is excited by the nomination….


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…but certainly, if it were decided on merit, Trump’s efforts in the Arab World would qualify him, especially in comparison with the marxist vermin whose racist BLM has also been proposed.


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However, Mr. Madison does his little Baltic republic proud by doing something so courageous, defying all the worst elements in the rotten media, who will be out to get him.

If only he had become Estonia’s PM, rather than Kaja Kallas!

It’s not that she’s a lawyer.


Kaja Kallas, Estonian First Prime Minister - Archyde

Kaja the Pinko

Not all lawyers are money-grubbing ratbags, though many are, the the leftist legalice in Britain being some of the worst parasites….

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…but the real downside of Ms. KK is her Europhilia.

“My government will be very pro-European, especially in supporting European values such as the rule of law,” she said in an interview. “We will also have a very clear change in policies when it comes to issues like climate policy.”


And the absence of the patriot party EKRE – of which Jaak Madison is a stalwart – from her new coalition government has had another very negative impact on Estonian democracy,

A flagship EKRE policy was holding a referendum on whether to explicitly define marriage as between a man and a woman in the Estonian constitution, which they demanded as a condition of joining the government and which was due to take place later this year. With EKRE out of government, the referendum will now not take place…

So the people are denied a democratic decision, and Estonian queers will be rejoicing.

A black day for Estonia.

But let’s hope the EKRE patriots will soon find their way back into the corridors of power in Tallin, and give the electorate that chance to vote for decent values that’s just been lost.