Unbiased ABC’s Hag Ferguson Calls Trump ‘Unscrupulous Demagogue!’

  • I had just been listening to the Australian news last night…



….and was about to blog awhile, but then ABC Four Corners came on, a prolonged tirade by a po-faced cow called Sarah Ferguson…..


Born in Nigeria? Pity she didn’t stay there!  


…she ranted and ranted.

Trump’s an ‘unscrupulous demagogue!’

Rudi Giuliani’s speech – ‘violent rhetoric!’

Congressman Mo Brooks got tongue-lashed too, but Don Junior got it worse – ‘mad, clownish…’

Ferguson gave one Proud Boy a chance to be heard, in contrast to numerous critics of President Trump.

Her self-righteous, stuck-up voice was intensely unpleasant to listen to, but her bias was worse.

Who the HELL is this virulently leftist bint?

When will we see a similar documentary exposing the violent racist BLM mobs…


….and/or the Red Nazi Antifa gangs?

How can ABC continue to tell the Australian tax-payers that the rabidly left broadcasting outfit they’re forced to fund is in any sense fair and balanced?


Oh yeah, then, towards the end, the hard-faced hag wandered around some DC ghetto, ‘where people understand the impact of racism on their daily lives…’