My Kittens Matter More Than Trivia-Obsessed BBC!

I am currently distracted by the joy of having those five kittens in my yard….



…where Mama Tini is looking after them very well, my only duty being to buy fish from the local tukang sayur – which means veggie vendor but there are fish, eggs and other non-veg items available!

So my regular attentions to BBC bias are somewhat fewer than usual…



…which is probably no bad thing for my emotional equilibrium!

However, I couldn’t help but note perhaps the most idiotic headline yet seen on their website earlier, viz.

Emily In Paris writer ‘rages’ at I May Destroy You’s Golden Globes snub

What does that garbage mean?

Like, who the Hell is ‘Emily’ and what’s she up to in Paris? Is she cute…



…or more of a typical BBC newscaster? 

Is ‘I May Destroy You’ a threat to non-marxist viewers?

Investigation reveals they are TV dramas, or is it TV movies?

We need to remember that in La-La Land, box office receipts are not that big a deal. Films, surely ought to get prizes based on how many people buy cinema tickets, but not in Hollywood these days, where democracy doesn’t count…



…not in comparison with the judgement of opinionated hacks!

The Golden Globes are voted for by 90 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association , all international journalists based in California.


Image result for golden globes bias


Pinko hacks, at that!

See this –


Apparently the bizarre headline refers to some uptight chick incredibly vexed about how some production fared at the hands of the celeb-exalters, although…

Movies about women did well in 2021 Golden Globe nominations, but BIPOC mostly absent from Best Picture races

…their ‘diversity’ stuff I think we have not so far deigned to notice, though maybe we should!

At least today I learned of a new word from the woke-weasel vocabulary!


It apparently refers to black, Indigenous and people of color

I have always liked films about women, back in The Old Country and here in Indonesia, where I suppose my fave stars are ‘people of colour’ though I never even think about colour when I admire actresses like Depe…


Depe – Dewi Persik


…and Syarini…


….and Julia Perez


…the late and much-missed Jupe.


Oh, and let’s not forget our heroine, Nikita Marzani…

…whom I have been writing a lot about recently.


THAT kind of diversity I can cope with!

Anyway, I glanced quickly through the Beeb-Burbling, and it turns out the sad bint’s rejection-sensitivities have been assuaged by a gesture of approval on the part of a once-respected, but now deplorable body, namely the Screen Actors’ Guild…

Screen Actors Guild – The Talking Brain-Dead? 

…who also seem to think that what movies they like should matter to anyone else.