Patriots = Criminals! Fox TV Brain-Washing Viewers?

Has anyone noticed how tv has gone left?

I don’t mean the news, which on most channels is just like the old Soviet Pravda…

You In Your Small Corner…Fighting UK Pravda! 

…but even entertainment, which now is anything but entertaining.
I was channel surfing last night and stopped at MTV because they had some lovely Korean girls leaping about as they sang.
Unfortunately, I didn’t change channels immediately after the girls finished.
Very soon, a mob of black louts appeared, many carrying baseball bats, with a vandalised and grafitti smeared police car as their stage prop.



Aaargh…deja vous!

I had seen this before….

MTV – No Escape From Cop-Hate BLM! 

….and commented on it!

And MTV is still showing this filth?

Maybe the ghastly oafs plan to trade the car-prop in…

F-ck The Police?’ GOMA Grotesques Shame Queensland- Fire Them!

 …at an Australian tax-funded art gallery.

The ‘singer’ grunted and strutted, his fellows wearing t-shirts identifying themselves as various undesirables like the career criminal Floyd.


Deceased criminal Floyd


But the above paragraphs merely show how relentless and unrepentant the TV propagandists are.


….even the crime fiction series I used to enjoy, like NCIS and the newer FBI Most Wanted seem regularly to feature not obvious Public Enemies like the violent BLM arson mobs…


….or Antifa Red Nazi thugs…



…but fictional ‘white supremacists,’ who are used to impose messages of ‘guilt by association’ on unsuspecting viewers, for example by having the bad guys wearing Stars and Stripes face-masks – that was SWAT last month!

On FBI Most Wanted, their bold boss had them hounding not just a killer but a group trying to prevent illegals on the US-Canada border.

He ( the bold boss, not the killer!) came out with a definition of ‘racism’ which could have come straight out of the ‘critical race theory’ textbooks.

I’ve noticed this Fox-Leftery before….

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Fox Foul Play? We Did Warn You!

…but it appears to be intensifying.

Another recent SWAT had Hondo, the hero, kneeling with his father and his teen adoptee, in front of a mural of that life-long criminal Floyd and other so-called ‘martyrs’  – depicted alongside David Dorn, an admirable black man…


…that retired cop murdered by savages during the BLM looting spree.


That was not only grossly offensive to the retired cop’s memory, but clearly a deliberate move by the producers to make BLM appear somehow, ridiculously, worthy of respect.

NCIS New Orleans had their Sebastian infiltrate a ‘far-right’ gang, and…


=Sebastian's On the Run - NCIS: New Orleans - TV Fanatic

Sebastian, NCIS New Orleans hero


…well, if you don’t watch these kinds of shows, no matter, but if you do, please complain, and ask why Sebastian doesn’t get to infiltrate evil-doers, like the REAL evil-doers we have reported on so often.’



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