Good for Ian Botham – But More Can Be Done For BBC’s Victims!

Good for Ian Botham, who has spoken up for UK Pravda’s elderly victims.

Pensioners who can’t pay up are being terrorised by the progressive BBC




Nice to see somebody from the world of cricket who’s not a yelping creep like that pathetic plonker we mentioned last week.

Of course the simpering, mincing, effete BBC elitists…

…do not themselves go out oldster-bashing.

They have a corporate goon gang called Capita..

Capita Business Services Ltd

Administration and enforcement of the TV Licence fee.

….and it would be nicer still if local people organised squads of young fit men ( and women, why not?) to watch out for their senior citizen neighbours.

If goons are observed banging on old folks’ doors, good neighbours ought to wander over and tell the louts to move on.


Photograph them!


Take note of their number plates…

BAD 002 (BAD) Number Plates For Sale, NSW

..and circulate those pix and those license plates widely on social media!

God forbid any damage might be done while the vendetta vehicles are left unattended, naturally.

I’ve addressed this issue before, with a few modest suggestions…

BBC’s Enforcers Shameless? Change That! 

….but maybe it’s time to up the ante.