‘Impeachment’ Charade Coming Up! Watch RT For Balanced Coverage!

It might be interesting to see just how deranged the Trumpophobic media will become during the imminent witch-hunt aka ‘impeachment’ charade. 

But I would like to watch at least some of it without having to put up with infantile commentary from CNN’s queers…

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….or BBC’s malevolents.


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So maybe RT?

RT OK – Some Reasons Why May’s Jackboot Is Misplaced!

Gambar terkait

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Fox I no longer trust.

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Fox Foul Play? We Did Warn You! 

Meanwhile there’s a good piece on President Trump’s defence team here.


There’s also a VERY good round-up of what SHOULD be discussed in Senate, penned by Conrad Black, the retired Canadian media magnate, in The Epoch Times, and I offer a short extract to remind you why so many people are still so angry.

...the dubious lop-sided vote drops in the middle of the night in Pennsylvania, the infamous consent to the reduction of voter verifiability conceded in the Stacey Abrams action in Georgia, and a great weight of affidavit evidence of systematic fraud, none of which was ever legally addressed. The state courts were unrigorous in the several states where they were tested, and the Supreme Court ducked the issue, abdicated.


This article is both courageous and convincing.



The election was stolen, surely, and a day of reckoning is due, not the mock-trial in the Senate but a real trial, but God knows when real justice will ever be done.


The implications of conceding that it was a rigged election have caused the entire political establishment and almost all of the media, (who were nearly unanimous in opposing Trump anyway), to lock arms in support of the integrity of the election.


And we all trust the rotten media, don’t we?

This is precarious, because it is quite likely that more than the 45,000 votes that were required to flip to deliver Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to Trump, could have been found if the post-election inquiries had been conducted and adjudicated thoroughly. No one seriously disputes that Biden won the popular vote except Trump, but the winning candidate has lost the popular vote on six previous occasions, including 2016….


Read the whole article!