Opposition Abets Australia’s “Most Dangerous And Draconian Bill!”

The Victorian government has successfully passed its so-called Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill following a 12-hour sitting on Thursday.




A deplorable bill indeed, denying help to those sexual maladjusts who seek remedial treatment.

And brutally punishing any who dare offer help.


Read that link above for details of how extreme the new law is.

But, shockingly, it passed by 29 votes to 9 – yet the leftist Labor Party has nothing like that kind of majority in the Victorian state legislature.

Only TWO of the Liberals, Bev McArthur and Bernie Finn broke party ranks and voted against the government’s legislation…


The Guardian adds that a handful of cross-bench members of the upper house made up the rest of the ‘No’ vote!

What is wrong with the Opposition Liberal leadership, that they sat on their backsides and let the degenerates in the state government push this through?

In Australia, it is often said, the Liberal Party is the standard-bearer of what other Western nations call conservatism – clearly that has changed, beyond recognition.

They are, most of them, in Victoria at least, as infected with the same cultural-marxist-inspired moral pollution as is Boris ‘Jellyfish’ Johnson’s brand in Britain.

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True, even if they had all voted against, the Labor cabal’s oppressive measure would still have gotten through…



…but at least the Liberals could have run in the next election saying they had done the decent thing.

Not now!

One hopes they will get eviscerated at the polls, as their grass-roots voters revolt and turn to parties that represent traditional Australian values…



….Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, for example.