Cats’ Lives Matter! Tini's 'Systemic Racism?' Blame Trump?

Updating you on the litter of kittens bestown on me by Tini…


My Kittens Matter More Than Trivia-Obsessed BBC! 

… I am sorry to say the quintet has become a quartet.

My Sunday visitor arrived and at once spotted something amiss.
‘Only four? ‘

I had paid regular but cursory attention to the amorphous furry heap under the bench. They are generally all clustered together.

But my visitor has sharp eyes.

And sure enough, there was a sad little body in the space between the bench and the wall.

I removed the remains, as we conducted a thorough inspection and discussion.

The weather has been awful here in Indonesia…


…every year like this…


…and esp. since another little kitty seemed to be struggling, I was ( without much difficulty!) talked into bringing them indoors.

So my attention now is on Duey, the darkest of the gang, who often gets shunted off Tini by gluttonous siblings.

Tini seems not to care about her black babe, but, rather than confront the mother-cat with accusations of ‘systemic racism…’



…or fall back on the popular strategy of blaming President Trump, I am behaving like a rational human being and lifting the small mouth to the source of nutrition.

Duey, alas, seems to have lost the will to make any effort, lolling listlessly if I don’t pick him up and put him where he needs to be, as in the photo below…



He, or is it she – the kit must be one or the other, no transfreak felines in this household! -is much thinner than the others, downright feeble, but I will do my utmost to give this kitten a fighting chance.

A small animal, which has done nobody any harm in its so far very short life, is certainly more deserving of my concern than most of the criminal low-lifes…



…depicted on posters and t-shirts as the ‘martyrs’ of the racist BLM movement.