The Un-Australian Gestapo Strikes Again!

Once more, little need to comment.

But why aren’t Aussies rising up?


Sergey Naumenko has a medical exemption from mask laws.

It’s legit — he’s not faking it.

And under the law, he doesn’t have to prove it to anyone. That would be like demanding that someone in a wheelchair prove that they really can’t walk.

But a group of undercover lockdown COVID-cops either didn’t know the law or didn’t care. They swarmed Sergey and his wife, Svetlana, at the Sutherland Railway Station in southern Sydney.

You’d think undercover 007 police agents would have better things to do — like go after real crime.

Instead, they went after Sergey and Svetlana, choking Sergey to the point where he almost passed out.

I hate to show you what that looked like, but Svetlana managed to film it on her phone before police knocked that out of her hands. Then they arrested her for recording their unlawful conduct!

Take a look here:

VIDEO: Man violently arrested for LEGALLY not wearing a mask in


As you might guess from their names, Sergey and Svetlana were born in a police state. They came to Australia to be free. What happened to them at the train station was more like something out of Soviet Russia.

The police were wrong about their masks. They physically abused Sergey and Svetlana with no reason. And to add insult to injury, after 22 hours in custody, police charged Sergey with criminal offences — resisting arrest and breaching health directives.

Except that it is, of course, he didn’t breach anything, and he had his exemption on him—making the arrest illegal.

This is crazy.

This is not who we are as Australians. We have to help Sergey and Svetlana — and just as important, we need a court to tell police that this kind of brutality, in the name of “public health,” is just not acceptable.

We’ve retained our excellent lawyer, Mani Shishineh, who has already won important lockdown cases like this. He’ll do a great job and help restore our civil liberties. To help us crowdfund Mani’s fee, please go to or click here. Whether it’s $10 or $100, we sure could use the help.


Yours truly,

Avi Yemini
Chief Australia Correspondent
Rebel News

P.S. Once upon a time, left-wing activists cared about police brutality. Now they’re fine with it — as long as it’s done in the name of “public health.”

P.P.S. That’s why our project is so important: to let our fellow Australians know that they’re not alone if they’re worried about civil liberties. We’ll be there to help those who need it. Please help us too, if you can — thanks.