Vive Marine- Explaining Jihad Reality Is NO Crime!

I just noticed that the absurd trial of Marine Le Pen, France’s patriot party leader, began this week.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'French far-right leader Marine Le Pen goes on trial Wednesday (10 Fbr) on charges she broke hate speech laws by tweeting pictures of I”ic State atrocities, a case she has slammed as a violation of free speech.'


One hopes it’ll be quick, because the deranged prosecution ought to be dismissed, but with French courts….

In France, As In America, Judges Betray Their Country 

…which are guilty of unleashing leftist collabos…

Collaborateur! But No Justice Likely In Hollande’s France 

…like that mangy ‘farmer,’ Cedric Herrou, a creep who got a ‘suspended fine’ for disgraceful crimes.  

Suspended 3000 euro fine for Frenchman sheltering illegal migrants


…who knows?

How many times have we seen pictures of emaciated prisoners in WW2 camps, or mounds of corpses from the same era, slain by totalitarian tyrants?



I often use reminders of the reality of communism, from time to time, like that photo of Peter Fechter…

…murdered by East German quisling forces, and don’t forget Katyn Forest…


Hasil gambar untuk katyn forest massacre

Solidarity With Poland, Against Historically Illiteracy! 

Nobody gets dragged into court for drawing attention to those.

The atrocities of the ISIS rape-gang, indeed all jihadist terrorist crimes, are at least as evil as anything that happened between 1939- 1945, if not in numbers, certainly in demonic intensity.   

Marine deserves praise for exposing the satanic, sectarian swine, NOT politically motivated harassment.