GREAT Imlek Entertainment – Jackie C Takes Down IRA Scum!


An excellent treat last night.
Thanks to it being Imlek, Chinese New Year….

Imlek 2021! Happy Chinese New Year!

…Jakarta’s Trans TV channel has been putting on suitable films each night, including Jackie Chan movies.
Not usually my cuppa tea, all that slap-stick punch-up stuff, but then last night?

The Foreigner!

An ethnic Chinese refugee, from the Communist terror regime in Saigon, has settled peacefully in the UK, but after many years he loses his daughter to an IRA bombing in London.



Unsatisfied with the slow progress of police enquiries, Mr. Quan heads to Belfast, where he confronts the senior Sinn Fein swine in the Northern Ireland Executive.



I have to say, Piers Brosnan, as ‘Liam Hennessy,’ is near enough the spitting image of Blood-Beast Adams!


See what I mean?


Hennessy of course lies to the bereaved father –

‘Years since I was in the IRA’… ‘No idea who did it….’
. ‘Sincere regrets… ‘



Typical yellow-belly Sinn Fein mendacity.

Soon enough, after Quan makes clear his persistence, Adams, sorry, ‘Hennessy,‘ sends republican scumbags to ‘teach him a lesson! ‘


The refugee’s unarmed combat skills are more than a match for a pack of IRA vermin.

Anyway, if you can get it on some netflix type network, or a DVD, or whatever, do so.

I won’t reveal the rest of the story, but one especially good bit was when Hennessy tried to weasel out of his terrorist record’

‘We both know what war is!’

Quan, who had served as a real soldier, in the fight against Red aggression in Nam, gave his antagonist a powerful whack on his lying face.

Since when did any IRA pig ever fight in a war?