Another Anti-Orban ‘Non-Government-Organisation’ -Funded By Governments!

Yes, it’s EUObserver, that rabidly europhiliac media outlet, giving a fanatical Anti-Hungary ‘NGO’ hack acres of space to snipe and snarl at Viktor Orban.



Nothing new in that, and I am confident one of those excellent Hungarian ministers we’ve mentioned in the past…

Hungary OK! Strasbourg Slugs Exposed! 

Right On, Hungary Setting The Record Straight! 

…will demand a right of reply, so I am skipping the details of the pinko’s whining.

BUT EUObs failed the tranparency test – not a word about where the ‘Non-Government Organisation‘ gets its material support.

Image result for International Press Institute,

‘International Press Institute’


Guess where – from GOVERNMENTS!


These governments include Hungary’s neighbour, Austria!

Pretty unneighbourly, I’d say.

Less unpredictably, Sweden, and, very predictably…


…the Brussels Empire, are also listed as the “NGO’s” ‘supporters.

So they’re ‘non-government’ but leech off tax-payers – there must be a suitable adjective to sum up such parasitical preying on the public purse.

Yet it’s not ONLY the public purse that keeps this lot funded.

Almost ABSOLUTELY predictably, SOROS – The Dark Lord of course…


…Sauron’s notorious Open Society Foundations!

To be fair to the self-styled International Press Institute, they are honest enough to include their ‘supporters’ to whom they say…Thank you!

Adessium Foundation
Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs
European Commission
Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom
Fritt Ord Foundation
Government of Sweden
Helsingin Sanomat Foundation
Open Society Foundations

Austrian and Swedish readers should raise this with the own law-makers, and if you live elsewhere in the EUSSR, try to get your MEP to investigate.


But only if he or she is affiliated with a patriot party group – the rest are a waste of space who as a rule collaborate gleefully with such wasteful expenditure.