Tax-Funded UK Pravda Mangles English Grammar To Please ‘Trans’ Maladjusts!

Recently you may have noticed a higher than usual incidence of typos and even layout errors here.

My fault entirely, distracted by kittens who will soon be starting to walk…


…and by the absence of my usual visitor/helper, currently – temporarily – in the Javanese hinterland.

However, I don’t make huge grammatical errors, and if I did, I’d fix them and apologise.

Not so UK Pravda which presented the millions of Brits coerced into paying large license fees to fund its propaganda cr-p…



…with a long screed about the UK Census….


Inclusion of a question on gender for the first time in the UK census has been welcomed as a “good first step” by some in the transgender community.

.The voluntary question in the 2021 survey reads: “Is the gender you identify with the same as your sex registered at birth?”

People over 16 can tick yes or no and specify their gender identity.

The Office for National Statistics, which will run the census on 21 March, said the details were clearly needed. THAT’s very strange….

…and surely discriminatory! 

Why is there no question asking if any lame-brains imagine they are elks?


….and that long BBC screed is distinguished by DELIBERATE grammar errors…

Owen Hurcum says the inclusion of the question is a “token gesture” but “at least a single step in the right direction”

Owen Hurcum, 23, is a tranny, and so maladjusted that it doesn’t call itself ‘he‘ OR ‘she’  but ‘THEY!’


There’s a photo of the tranny-mare in the article, but it is nauseating, so I’m just inserting the cartoon above!


Incredibly, it’s also the mayor-elect of Bangor, in Wales, so I suppose the dorks who elected it will address it as ‘Your Honours,‘ plural, in obeisance to the wretch’s delusionary self-perceptions, to which the sickos at the BBC pander.

Get this, referring to ONE person!!

‘They said they would fill in the form to say non-binary…'”

I think it is great that we can finally put our real genders on the census,” they said.

‘THEY?’  It’s one person speaking!


That poor thing in Bangor can prattle about itself in the plural if it must, but BBC hacks are NOT entitled to indulge its delusions by calling it ‘they!

BBC draws its undeservedly vast income from British tax-payers…



…the overwhelming majority of whom would be bemused and baffled by anyone, male or female, who expects to be called ‘they.’

Whichever degenerate Beeb-Hack edited the article, here –

– needs to be suspended, at least, and told, when suspension is over, to rewrite the offensive ‘plural drivel’ into correct English.

The BBC has a statutory duty to report the truth, not propaganda, so a tranny man who purports to be a woman should be referred to as a man.

And ‘HE’ should under no circumstances be described as ‘THEY….’


…because, bluntly, such lying is unacceptable!

Yet the BBC elsewhere –  –  tries to legitimise its repulsive mangling of the English language, which, it claims, is now to be defined by freak-show HQ, which of course is oblivious to realities…



….for which it substitutes this hogwash, below….

Gender-neutral pronouns are defined by the LGBT Resource Centre as providing an identity for a singular person who does not identify as he/him or she/her. …Now, in English, the word “they” is used as a gender-neutral singular pronoun

…ignoring the fact that IN NORMAL PEOPLE’S ENGLISH’ ‘they‘ is a plural word.

But BBC prefers to take its cue from the queer minority.

So is anybody in the Jellyfish Johnson government going to tell the BBC to get its act together and be truthful?



It is, after all, that government, which still calls itself ‘conservative….’

….which has to approve the format of the Census!

So Jellyfish and his cabal are hardly likely to tell UK Pravda to stop pushing its woke-weasel ideology down Britannia’s throat.