These UK Pravda Scum Forget They’re Public Servants!

I don’t really care if The Maitlis agrees or not with Piers Morgan, but she reaffirmed her utter disregard for her duty to stay out of endorsing political positions when she re-tweeted one of his little outbursts on Dirty Dorsey’s network.



She was previously deemed, last year, to have flouted that same duty –  but those BBC mandarins who found her guilty then irresponsibly refused to impose any disciplinary sanctions at all.



The middle-aged bat therefore doesn’t give a tinker’s cuss, and showed it again, a quick flash, hurriedly covered up when caught out.

Nothing bad or biased that The Maitlis says or does…

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…could come as a shock to you or me, but what is shocking is her pay-masters’ response when challenged on her misconduct.

NB I use pay-masters to refer to the intermediaries, not the great British public who are coerced into paying the leftist vixen’s colossal salary –

When asked to comment on this latest example of Maitlis’ penchant for illicit partisan interventions, the slug who responded on UK Pravda’s behalf displayed a level of arrogance absolutely unacceptable by any servant…

  • BBC employees are public servants, in theory at least, though they see themselves as masters –

“We’re not about to start commenting on one retweet which was swiftly deleted.”

WHO DOES THAT S.O.B. THINK HE  (or she, or trans-it) IS?

Both that uppity flunkey and The Maitlis are on the public pay-roll.

They don’t get to brush off ANY Brit when asked a civil question!