Boycotting Bad Businesses – A Handy Guide.

Many’s the time I have urged boycotts of businesses…

…that adhere to your country’s Enemy Within.

From the North of England…

Yorkshire Tea – 0800 328 1886 – Go Brew Yourself! 

…to East Anglia…

Greene King, BLM Grovellers – Tell Them To Shove It! 

…to Australia and Canada…

Yo, Canada! Fight Saputo! Join Oz War On Appeasement! 

….to the USA…

Never Buy Nike – It’s An Enemy of Democracy! 

…I have named companies hostile to our cause.

But I’m no expert, and am always happy to give due credit to others fighting the same or similar battles.


Here you are.

Why Conservatives Should Boycott Democrat Companies

It’s American, but offers insights useful to Brits, Canucks and Aussies too.

Please read that article and take any tips offered.